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The Hay Group Singapore: Develop & Implement Strategies for Talent Management (2 days/16 hours)

Research has shown that many companies are struggling to make their talent programmes work. Why is this so?

Perhaps the key reason why talent is so difficult to get right is that every organization must fit its approach to both changing conditions and long-term strategy.

What this programme addresses is the skills and knowledge required to develop a talent management...



2015 Honda CB300F - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Honda’s new CB300F is everything that the CB300R is, but with a sleeker, lighter, and cleaner look that many riders prefer. Also, the CB300F is a little bit lighter, and the riding position is slightly straighter up, allowing for a more comfortable ride for commuters, and for their passengers.

Due to the CB300F’s narrow and lightweight frame, riders can feel more...


Dr. Howard Marans: Leading you to better health

If you’re looking for a trusted orthopedic surgeon in Southern California, Dr. Howard Marans is the perfect physician for you.

He’s regarded to as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area, and a lot of people admire his good character. Furthermore, he still remained as one of the respected physicians in orthopedics for quite some time now.

He and his team are...


Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research Economic and Financial Consulting and Expert Testimony

Consumer Fraud and Product Liability: Practice Details

Class Actions

Cornerstone Research has addressed issues of certification, exposure, reliance, impact, and damages in class actions. Key questions in these cases may include whether common evidence can prove that certain challenged conduct caused each member of the proposed class to make a purchase and whether the ...